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banner of Looking Up Zip Codes Is Easier Than You Think

There are many different identifiers that a person may have throughout their life. Some should never changed like a social security number. Some tend to stick around a person like their phone number. Some of them are only permanent as their place of residence. This is where zip codes come into play....

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banner of What is Takes to Become a Real Estate Professional

Becoming a realtor can be both a rewarding and challenging career path. Whether you choose to work for an agency or run your own office, you will spend a great deal of time networking, negotiating with both sellers and buyers, and organizing a significant amount of paperwork. You’ll also need ...

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banner of Rental Applications

A rental application is an important tool for a landlord to screen potential tenants and to protect himself/herself against any discrimination charges. The rental application will show that the landlord did not discriminate the residents based on disability, race, nationality, sex, religio...

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banner of Lease Amendments

Lease amendments are used to make changes in contents of the original rental agreement. For amendments to take place, both tenant and the landlord need to agree on lease changes. A lease lets the users modify the terms without having to overhaul, the original contract. It is an excellent way to prol...

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